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About us

Welcome to K2U-J's HP!

We support the system from all angles.

We operate various web systems for PCs, mobile phones, and smartphones.

Our main purpose is to provide customers with the technologies and know-how cultivated through the keywords PC, smartphones and mobile phones.


Company name K2U-J Co,Ltd
Establishment December 2008
Location 2-49-7 Ikebukuro-park Bld.1F, Minamiikebukuro, Toshima Ku, Tokyo To, 171-0022, Japan
Business content
  • Software Development.
  • Development, operation and maintenance of mobile official site .
  • WEB sales.
  • IT Solution Planning support.

Main business partners

Roland Corporation

Piano music data communication application and content sales site development. (including operation and maintenance work)

ATV corporation

Data sales site development. (including operation and maintenance). Available in Japanese, English, and Chinese languages.

Azabu University

Research fund management system development. (including operation and maintenance work)

Tryumph21 Co.Ltd. 

Purchase system development and repair work.


We support the system from all angles.

Japanese official mobile site

Through our joint business, we are engaged in the official music content distribution business for carrier mobile phones.

We have a solid track record and confidence in the web service of mobile phones.

WEB application

It also supports linking using JavaScript and WEB API from legacy WEB system.

We also offer a multilingual Web system linked with concrete5, and a query system using Redmine.

Cloud server operation

We are engaged in service development, operation and maintenance, and IT business agency using the WEB system on the cloud.

  • Server monitoring
  • Server security measures
  • Survey of current server settings

IT work agency

There are significant costs involved in developing IT professionals in-house. We will offer you an agent for troublesome IT work.

  • Correspondence of setting change regularly
  • Investigation of system failure
  • Account setting, addition, deletion

Our Products Features

PC site

We accept not only system development of WEB, but also operation after construction.
In addition, we have been able to transfer your existing web service to a system built by our company, and take over the operation.

ATV corporationatv.png

We have entrusted you with the general system and operation maintenance work of multilingual content support digital content sales site and inquiry reception site.

  • Digital content sales site
  • Multilingual Web Site
  • JavaScript + WEB API

Roland Corporation


We are responsible for the overall system development and operation maintenance of digital content sales sites.

  • Digital content sales site
  • Internal business system

Azabu University

We are entrusted with the entire system of research fund management system and operation maintenance work.

  • Balance book management system
  • private

Official ringtone site(Japan Limited)

Through our joint business, we are engaged in the distribution of music content for mobile phones.
We have a solid track record and confidence in the web service of mobile phones.

Uta & Melo ♪ Roland

The song song of the topic song, mass delivery of Chakuuta full!

A comprehensive incoming site with a wide range of genres, including the latest ringtones, movies and voices. Original content unique to musical instrument manufacturers is also popular.


(For smartphones)



(For feature phone)


Arrival instrument paradise

"Arrival instrument ☆ paradise" that can be a ringtone of live performances of longing professional musicians. This is a completely new type of ringtone site that allows you to play back a single phrase of a slim line newly recorded for a famous musician!


(For feature phone)


Music box hot spring

The original content of collaboration of Nagori's music box ringtone and hot spring information of the whole country on the theme of healing.
Of course J-POP can enjoy music box arrangement of western music rock pops.
Databases of national hot spring and private hot spring are substantial.


(For feature phone)

Japan limited 


Town IT shop program


Wherever you look now IT has become a world of IT, IT.

I think that customers also want to introduce IT and use it for their work.

However, if you develop dedicated IT engineers in-house or develop your own website or smartphone app at your own company, it will be very expensive, so the introduction must be limited, or the relationship between costs Do you ever use personal services for

We will provide easy-to-use open source software and services combining unique applications * 1 as a "town IT shop".

As it is only general browser, email, telephone, spreadsheet software and PDF reading software to use as a client, the introduction cost can be reduced.

Also, in light of recent trends, we are focusing on providing multilingual services.

Acceptance of Foreign Workers We can assist in the development of services that utilize the web and voice response at workplaces that are expanding and inbound, etc.

All services are built on the cloud, so there is no capital investment.

We help from operation to setting work.

Please leave it to us as your company IT manager.

※ 1 unique application will be customized for customers based on our own basic program.


Make multilingual services


We have the tools needed to build web sites in multiple languages.
Acceptance of Foreign Workers We can assist in the development of services that utilize the web and voice response at workplaces that are expanding and inbound, etc.


Multilingual WEB site

Build a multilingual site using concrete5 as a CMS.

As it corresponds to the list of registered information and the detail screen, it can be applied to many occasions.

Multilingual information storage

Create and register information provided on the web by language and questions about voice response.

The accumulated information can be displayed on the WEB as a list or detailed information in the program.

Multilingual voice response

You can answer and answer questions by language registered in CSV.
As for the sound to be played back, it is also possible to play back recorded voice files in addition to automatic reading.

Multilingual WEB API

It provides services such as information such as products registered in the database, user information and user authentication to the front program such as Javascript by data communication by JSON-RPC.



Output to PDF

With the typesetting software LaTeX, you can create a beautiful form with web queries, voice response questions and answers, and stored information.

E-mail is still active

It analyzes the contents of the mail through the program and enables linking to Redmine. Neither smartphone apps nor browsers are used.

You can also change the status of tickets that you normally operate from the browser.

  • ApacheCamel
  • Routing engine


Cloud server operation, acting on behalf of IT work.
Please leave us bothersome server setup and operation.
Please contact us as we will provide services only.

Duplicated server

The feature is to operate two Cloud servers as a set. Files and databases are backed up semi-synchronously.

Workflow visualization

Make the workflow visible by introducing a ticket management system (Redmine). It also provides a mechanism that works in conjunction with the inquiry form on the web and can also operate only mobile email.

IT support

As well as operation after system construction, we also accept operation of existing Linux system, so please feel free to contact us.

Server application

  • CMS(concrete5)
  • mail
  • Mailing list
  • Ticket management(Redmine)
  • Database


Contact with us

Inquiry by mail

Please feel free to contact the following email address.


Inquiry by phone


business hours: Weekday 10:00 - 17:00




2-49-7 Ikebukuro-park Bld.1F, Minamiikebukuro, Toshima Ku, Tokyo To, 171-0022, Japan

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